Ø  Pakistan, US discuss food security
Ø  Why negotiating with the Pakistani Taliban is a terrible idea
Ø  China Has Yet to Learn the Rules of the Pacific Chess Game
Ø  Pakistan can resolve Saudi Arabia’s growing security concerns
Ø  U.S. Aims to Expand Export Bans on China Over Security and Human Rights
Ø  Where the War Is Headed
Ø  In Focus: Ukrainian Military Performance and Outlook
Ø  With a new carrier and rumors of more bases, a vision of China’s global presence is getting clearer
Ø  Hong Kong 25 years later: Why it matters for the US
Ø  A Modest Proposal to Save Afghanistan—From Itself
Ø  ‘Effort and patience’ required to restore Iran nuclear agreement
Ø  In Afghanistan, women take their lives out of desperation, Human Rights Council hears
Ø  Building a sustainable future amidst colliding crises   
Ø  Russia pockets $ 24bn from selling energy to China, India
Ø  NATO allies sign accession protocols for Sweden and Finland
Ø  EU to set up platform for Ukraine war reconstruction
Ø  Russia claims full control of Luhansk region as key city captured
Ø  MI5, FBI chiefs warn of ‘game-changing’ threats from China
Ø  UK’s Johnson refuses to quit despite mass resignations
Ø  Lavrov arrives in Indonesia to take part in G20 meeting of Foreign Ministers
Ø  Russia threatens retaliation for any threats from Sweden and Finland as NATO members
Ø  Presidents of Russia and Sri Lanka discuss bilateral cooperation – Kremlin
Ø  Moscow says relations with France to depend on whether Paris refrains from hostility
Ø  Kaliningrad authorities suggest banning Russian export and import via Baltic States
Ø  Ukraine ware: 21,000 alleged war crimes being investigated, prosecutor says
Ø  Germany to ease immigration laws
Ø  Italy suffers from severe drought
Ø  Russia proposes 6-month cross-border aid renewal for Syria
Ø  EU lawmakers back gas, nuclear energy as sustainable
Ø  EU chief warns of danger of complete cut-off of Russian gas
Ø  Germany, Ireland slam UK move toward overriding Brexit deal
Ø  EU official says Poland’s judiciary changes insufficient
Ø  Russia ready to discuss permanent UNSC seat for India, Brazil, says envoy
Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report
Ø  Pakistan turns net importer of Afghan goods
Ø  Textile sector loses $1bn export orders
Ø  Trade gap widens to $48.3b
Ø  Balance of payments constraint
Ø  Inflation peaks to 21.3% in June, highest since 2008
Ø  Pakistan haunted by rising cost of production
Ø  A wild goose chase
Ø  In prior actions’ list, IMF wants to include anti-corruption mechanism
Ø  Getting it right on money: where to invest in?
Ø  Cooking oil imports eat up $3.6b
Ø  The power of SEZs
Ø  SBP adopts more Sharia-compliant standards for Islamic banking
Ø  Pakistan’s economic woes since 2008
Ø  Investments in renewable energy to generate over 300,000 jobs
Ø  Energy prices to rise until year-end, ministers warn
Ø  Coal a must for energy security
Ø  Oil slides 2% to 12-week low on fears of global recession
Ø  Water — the perpetual apple of discord
Ø  Monsoon rains cause at least 77 deaths in Pakistan in three weeks
Ø  In the mouth of dragons: Melting glaciers threaten Pakistan’s north
Ø  Irrigation woes
Ø  Scientists are learning just how climate change impacts extreme weather events