Ø  Analysis: With record pump prices, Biden hard-pressed to ramp up Russia sanctions
Ø  U.S. pressures Iran by targeting Chinese, UAE companies
Ø  US wants Pak to take sustained action against terror groups: American envoy
Ø  President Biden for building strong basis for moving Pak-US ties forward
Ø  US condemns blasphemous remarks by BJP members
Ø  Ukraine and rising global insecurity, test for us all, says UN rights chief
Ø  Afghanistan facing ‘the darkest moments’ in a generation
Ø  More than 100 million now forcibly displaced: UNHCR report  
Ø  Germany will give Ukraine three MLRS Mars II
Ø  UN: 4,452 civilians have died in Ukraine since February 24
Ø  The Czech government will provide military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of 320,000 Euros
Ø  Medinsky: Ukraine has not responded to the draft peace treaty for two months
Ø  Permanent representative of the Russian Federation Chizhov: relations between Russia and EU are at their lowest point
Ø  American weapons on the black market already: warns FM Lavrov
Ø  Moscow warns of the negative consequences of the Turkish military operation in Syria
Ø  Russia is not hindering food exports from Ukraine, says ambassador
Ø  President Macron may call President Putin again
Ø  Canada is negotiating with Germany on equipment for Nord Stream
Ø  Scholz, Macron and Draghi ‘behind closed doors’ asked Zelensky to resume talks with Putin
Ø  Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova will be granted the status of EU candidates under a number of conditions: Bloomberg
Ø  Hungary supports financing peace, not war in Ukraine, PM says
Ø  Russia, Ukraine, Turkey set up emergency communication channel on grain exports
Ø  Ukraine’s EU membership will take time: Macron
Ø  Biden informs Zelensky about additional package of US military aid worth $1 bln
Ø  Trade with Russia
Ø  China’s Xi reaffirms support for Russia’s security concerns
Ø  EU signs gas deal with Israel, Egypt in bid to ditch Russia
Ø  Germany to redeploy troops to Bosnia over ‘stability’ concerns
Ø  Turkey wants ‘concrete steps’ from Sweden, Finland over NATO bids
Ø  Japan to attend NATO summit for the first time
Ø  Gazprom to further cut gas supplies to Germany via Nord Stream
Ø  German President visits Singapore as food shortages bite
Ø  The China shock: Germany turns away from its biggest trading partner
Ø  France captures ISIS group leader in Mali
Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report
Ø  FATF talks focus on money laundering, terrorist financing
Ø  Budgeting illusions
Ø  IMF says it ‘did not ask Pakistan to renegotiate CPEC IPP contracts’
Ø  Pakistan seeks US help to revive IMF deal
Ø  Disrupt the status quo
Ø  Economic crisis and default fear
Ø  Govt requests $2b loan rollover
Ø  Pakistan Economic Survey: Growth of ‘greedflation’
Ø  Braced for higher prices
Ø  Record $28.4bn remittances
Ø  Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves fall to lowest level since Nov 2019
Ø  WTO makes final push for trade deals
Ø  Oil, food imports swell to $28.14bn
Ø  IMF asks for more budgetary steps to meet key objectives
Ø  Getting it wrong?
Ø  Oil lower on demand concerns, but tight supply caps downside
Ø  ‘Reliance on LNG exacerbating energy insecurity’
Ø  Sustainable solid waste management
Ø  ‘Pakistan among 23 countries facing drought’
Ø  Parched, pummelled and blistered: How climate change is scorching South Asia
Ø  Climate Change and its impacts in Pakistan
Ø  Climate change: Bonn talks end in acrimony over compensation