Ø  US Assistant Secretary Robinson in Pakistan
Ø  Pakistan, US cooperation being promoted in health sector: Masood Khan
Ø  IMF’s Sri Lanka, Pakistan Talks in Focus as $66 Billion at Risk
Ø  Options for the U.S. to Approach India as a Fellow Superpower Ø  Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia is a chance to end the war in Yemen
Ø  Report: Israel: Background and U.S. Relations
Ø  We Are Now in a Global Cold War
Ø  India Plays BRICS to Its Interests
Ø  Will China and Russia Stay Aligned?
Ø  Modi’s Burning Bridge to the Middle East
Ø  Sustainable blue economy vital for small countries and coastal populations
Ø  Countries urged to ‘dig deep’ and support Afghanistan in aftermath of deadly earthquake
Ø  Supporting UN’s Palestine refugee agency means ‘investing in stability for the region’
Ø  A visionary ‘blue transformation’ strategy to enhance underwater food systems
Ø  Report: The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2022
Ø  Report UN Habitat: Envisaging the Future of Cities 2022
Ø  Climate change to cost Islamabad $26bn annually, says UN report
Ø  Report: The Disaster Riskscape across Asia-Pacific  


Ø  NATO summit: Zelenskyy pushes for modern artillery, funds
Ø  Putin condemns NATO’s ‘imperial ambitions’, warns Finland, Sweden
Ø  NATO declares China a security challenge for the first time
Ø  Biden: US to give $800m more in military aid to Ukraine
Ø  New ‘iron curtain’ descending between Russia and West: Lavrov
Ø  Madrid Summit ends with far-reaching decisions to transform NATO
Ø  G-7 leaders to set up a ‘Climate Club’ and take immediate action to secure energy supply
Ø  Pakistan refuses to abolish death penalty for GSP+
Ø  Kissinger listed 3 options for ending the conflict in Ukraine
Ø  Russia, Iran unite to fight West’s sanctions and BRICS looks to expand
Ø  China calls NATO ‘systemic challenge’ to global peace and stability
Ø  Russia ready to meet fertilizer demand of friendly states – Putin


Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report
Ø  Central bank receives $2.3b Chinese loan
Ø  Finance ministry expects domestic inflation to cross 15% in coming fiscal year
Ø  The sixth wave
Ø  External borrowings soar to $16.3bn
Ø  And then what after all good news?
Ø  Current account deficit exceeds $15bn mark in 11 months
Ø  NA stamps IMF-dictated Rs9.6tr federal outlay
Ø  Govt raises Rs1.7 trillion in T-bills auction
Ø  How ready is Pakistan to face a once in a century crisis?
Ø  China to help Pakistan maintain financial stability
Ø  Govt to borrow Rs27.5 trillion
Ø  Delusions of income equality
Ø  Is the rupee’s recovery sustainable?
Ø  Super tax: Opting for an easy way out
Ø  Import expensive fuel or brave long outages: Nepra chief
Ø  Pakistan’s power crisis deepens as LNG becomes too expensive
Ø  Oil prices ease on recession fears, headed for 3rd weekly loss
Ø  GLOF alert issued for five KP districts
Ø  Agri input costs to go up
Ø  Pakistan top destination of waste import
Ø  Climate change to cost Islamabad $26bn annually, says UN report
Ø  Why South Asia Is Among the Hardest Hit Regions by Climate Change