Ø  US ‘doesn’t support’ IP gas pipeline

Ø  Pakistan to Seek US Sanction Waivers for Gas Pipeline From Iran

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Ø  Gaza war: ‘Direct hits’ on more than 200 schools since Israeli bombing began

Ø  UN report: Credible allegations Ukrainian POWs have been tortured by Russian forces

Ø  ISIL growing stronger in Syria, as war enters 14th year

Ø  UN envoy backs demand for immediate Gaza ceasefire amid ‘cataclysmic suffering’

Ø  Gaza: ‘Double-digit’ number of children reported killed overnight

Ø  UN Security Council demands ‘immediate ceasefire’ in Gaza, ending months-long deadlock

Ø  Rights expert finds ‘reasonable grounds’ genocide is being committed in Gaza

Ø  With 783 million people going hungry, a fifth of all food goes to waste



Ø  Europe’s destiny intertwined with Ukraine’s, EU Liberals chief says in Kyiv

Ø  North Africa bears the brunt of Europe’s externalisation policies: Analysts

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Ø  Putin Offers Both Reassurance and Threat on a Wider War

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Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report

Ø  Pakistan faces tax evasion of Rs5.8tr annually

Ø  Tax exemptions of Rs50b defy IMF

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