Ø  Pakistan, US reaffirm continuation of counter-terrorism cooperation to advance regional security

Ø  Senior Study Group on Counterterrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Final Report

Ø  US keen to expand IT cooperation with Pakistan: Blome

Ø  Pakistan, US explore gaming industry tie-up

Ø  Pakistan, US discuss how to counter Afghan-based IS and TTP terrorists

Ø  Why Counterterrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan Still Matters

Ø  Biden’s Saudi War Obligation

Ø  The Changing Nuclear Mind Game

Ø  Why Iran and Israel Stepped Back From the Brink

Ø  Pakistan gives U.N. a dossier on India after India submits one on Pakistan

Ø  Pakistan calls for UN-led cyber capacity building mechanism to promote cooperation among states

Ø  Gaza: 600,000 displaced from Rafah

Ø  Security Council hears of relentless attacks against civilians and infrastructure in Ukraine

Ø  ICC Prosecutor outlines roadmap to complete Libya war crimes probe

Ø  Guterres deplores Rafah escalation

Ø  UN security staff killed in Gaza; Guterres calls for probe

Ø  The Summit of the Future in 2024


Ø  Exports to Europe fall despite GSP+

Ø  Its weakness on Gaza may cost UK Labour a majority in the next election

Ø  US announces $2bn in new aid for Ukraine as Russian forces advance

Ø  Thousands protest after Georgia Parliament passes ‘foreign agents’ bill

Ø  EU signs off on sweeping migration overhaul ahead of elections

Ø  A UN resolution on the Srebrenica genocide ignites old tensions

Ø  Xi’s European tour exposed the EU’s persisting divisions

Ø  ‘Genuine desire’: Putin backs China peace plan to end Ukraine war

Ø  Russia expels UK defense attache from Moscow in tit-for-tat move — Foreign Ministry

Ø  Slovakia’s PM in ‘very serious’ condition, president-elect says

Ø  Putin says Russians, Chinese ‘brothers forever’


Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report

Ø  No increase in debt-free inflows

Ø  Pakistan’s debt soars to record Rs81tr

Ø  Illegal trade: short-term gains, long-term economic decline

Ø  ADB links support with IMF’s clean chit

Ø  Talks begin with IMF on new bailout

Ø  Political instability heightens economic challenges: SBP

Ø  All SOEs, except strategic ones, to be privatised: PM Shehbaz

Ø  IMF wants end to FBR, cabinet powers to award tax incentives

Ø  Carbon tax on fuel proposed to placate IMF

Ø  Oil set for weekly gain on signs of improving demand

Ø  Green investment a priority: Aurangzeb

Ø  Innovation for agriculture

Ø  Pakistan’s rice-water dilemma

Ø  The crushing burden of unplanned families

Ø  Climate change effects reduce Pakistan mango production for third consecutive year — union

Ø  Population, climate change Pakistan’s biggest challenges

Ø  Ancient trees reveal last summer hottest in 2,000 years

Ø  Scientists link intense rainfall to climate change after floods in Pakistan, UAE