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Ø   Ukraine Supreme Court chief detained in $2.7m graft probe

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Ø  Japan, UK renew security ties, aircraft carrier to deploy in 2025

Ø  Britain’s Sunak announces $22bn Japanese investment in UK economy

Ø  Armenia PM agrees to meet Azerbaijan leader in Moscow next week

Ø  Germany pledges almost $3bn in new military aid to Ukraine

Ø  Germany’s Scholz vows to support Ukraine ‘as long as needed’

Ø  France promises more tanks, armoured vehicles for Ukraine

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Ø  EU to curb Indian fuel imports made with Russian oil: Report

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Ø  Russia agrees to renew Ukraine Black Sea grain deal for 60 days

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Ø  Russian cruise missile attack targets Kyiv, one killed in Odessa

Ø  G7 weighs new sanctions on Russia to end Ukraine war

Ø  Bakhmut battle rages as Ukraine claims advances, Russian retreat

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Ø  Govt gets a paltry $8.1bn in financing

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