Ø  US mulls giving cotton seed tech, beef market access to Pakistan

Ø  How Imran Khan Wants to Win Back Power in Pakistan: Quick Take

Ø  Kerry: US open to talks on contentious climate financing

Ø  Pakistan taken off watch list for terror funding, laundering

Ø  Europe and America Are Moving Closer on China

Ø  Report: Anticipating Chinese Reactions to U.S. Posture Enhancements

Ø  Security Council counter-terrorism body to review growing threat posed by new technologies

Ø  Political solution still the only path to peace in Syria: UN Special Envoy

Ø  Ukraine: UN-led Grain Initiative helps anchor food supply, chart way out of crisis

Ø  Countries’ climate promises still not enough to avoid catastrophic global warming: UN Report

Ø  Report: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Ø  Heat waves to impact almost every child on earth by 2050: UNICEF report


Ø  Scholz urges Turkey and Greece to talk

Ø  Yerevan agrees to establish relations with Baku on Russia-proposed principles – Pashinyan

Ø  South Korea denies sending weapons to Ukraine after Putin remarks

Ø  In the grips of war, Ukraine faces bleak demographic future

Ø  World faces most dangerous decade since World War II: Putin

Ø  Russia to allow companies from friendly countries to join oil, gas projects – Putin

Ø  Russia tells UN that Ukraine is preparing to use a dirty bomb

Ø  Zelenskyy blasts Israel, suggests Russia-Iran nuclear collusion

Ø  West warns Russia against using dirty bomb pretext in Ukraine

Ø  Bosnia’s Dodik declared winner in disputed election after recount

Ø  Putin highlights Russia’s ‘special’ relations with India

Ø  EU dismisses sanctions by Iran as ‘politically motivated’

Ø  New crisis brewing on Cyprus after US lifts arms embargo

Ø  CSTO Council to convene ahead of Russia-Azerbaijan-Armenia summit – Kremlin

Ø  Meloni wins final confidence vote, pledges support for Ukraine

Ø  Putin observes drills by Russia’s strategic nuclear forces

Ø  China to develop further bilateral ties with Russia, says Chinese top diplomat

Ø  UK PM Rishi Sunak faces lawmakers’ questions for the first time

Ø  Macron, Scholz hold talks in bid to diffuse Germany-France tension

Ø  Russia to decide on food deal renewal by November 18 – Foreign Ministry

Ø  UN says countries’ climate plans ‘nowhere near’ 1.5C goal

Ø  Dutch government probes China’s ‘police stations’ in Netherlands

Ø  West seeking to squeeze Russia out of Balkans, S. Caucasus, Africa, Central Asia – diplomat

Ø  Iran blacklists EU officials, entities for ‘inciting terrorism’


Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report

Ø  Asian Development Bank releases $1.5bn to Pakistan

Ø  Govt borrows heavily from banks for budgetary support

Ø  Pakistan will not default: SBP governor

Ø  Fitch downgrades Pakistan’s rating as liquidity risks mount

Ø  Daronomics — good or bad for the economy?

Ø  Economic cost of indecisiveness

Ø  Surplus power generation capacity to cost citizens dear by 2030

Ø  $12b flood losses in agriculture sector: report

Ø  Greening global economy brings dependence on critical mineral

Ø  Oil falls as China widens COVID-19 curbs; still set for weekly gain

Ø  Negotiating at Sharm El Sheikh

Ø  Recurrent food crisis

Ø  Heat, then floods ruin farmers’ livelihoods

Ø  Pakistan urged to avail G77’s facility to face flood disaster

Ø  The role of climate change in Pakistan’s floods

Ø  Global warming: Nations urged to revisit climate plans