Ø  Pakistani premier claims US military equipment left behind in Afghanistan is now in militant hands

Ø  Pakistan, US committed to eliminate menace of terrorism: Masood Khan

Ø  Pakistan committed to expanding trade ties with US

Ø  Pakistan Blames ‘Rushed’ US Troop Exit for Terror Resurgence

Ø  Pakistan has tremendous economic potential, says Blome

Ø  Climate-linked ills threaten humanity

Ø  Pakistan shuts key crossing into Afghanistan after border guards exchange fire

Ø  The Crucial Question Surrounding Ukraine’s NATO Admission

Ø  Why Modi Can’t Make India a Great Power

Ø  What to Expect at India’s G20 Summit

Ø  UN chief hails SE Asia for vital role ‘building bridges of understanding’

Ø  Ukraine: Latest Russian attack ‘another example’ of civilian suffering

Ø  Afghanistan: WFP forced to cut food aid for 2 million more

Ø  UN provides funding boost for ‘neglected’ humanitarian crises

Ø  ‘Without renewables, there can be no future’: 5 ways to power the energy transition

Ø  Better data on corruption can reduce its impact, support sustainable development


Ø  Russia puts advanced Sarmat nuclear missile system on ‘combat duty’

Ø  Nobel Foundation reverses invitations to Russia, Iran after backlash

Ø  Amid graft scandal, Ukraine to appoint Muslim defence chief Rustem Umerov

Ø  Erdogan visits Putin in Russia’s Sochi in bid to revive Ukraine grain deal

Ø  Cuba uncovers network trafficking Cubans to fight for Russia in Ukraine

Ø  Schools in France sends dozens of Muslim girls home for wearing abayas

Ø  At least three dead as heavy rainfall triggers flash floods in Spain

Ø  North Korea would pay ‘price’ if it supplies Russia with weapons, US says

Ø  ‘Russian-only’ businesses in Thailand’s Phuket spark backlash

Ø  UK to declare Russia’s Wagner Group a ‘terrorist’ organisation

Ø  Civilians reported killed as Russia shells outdoor market in eastern Ukraine

Ø  Blinken hails Ukraine counteroffensive as US announces $1bn in new aid

Ø  Western officials visit UAE in efforts to halt exports to Russia: Report

Ø  Russia blasts ‘inhumanity’ of US sending depleted uranium shells to Ukraine

Ø  Lavrov points to risks of Asia-Pacific region’s militarization driven by NATO penetration

Ø  G20 agree to grant membership to African Union – Bloomberg

Ø  Russia to develop ties with North Korea regardless of what other countries think – Kremlin

Ø  Putin not planning to address G20 Summit, says Kremlin

Ø  Russian, Indian foreign ministers agree to step up coordination in UN, SCO, BRICS, G20

Ø  Moscow, Ankara, Doha grain supply project in high demand – Russian Foreign Ministry

Ø  Britain remains major geopolitical adversary of Russia – intelligence chief


Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report

Ø  Inflation to stay elevated as energy becomes costlier: Ministry of Finance

Ø  Pakistan amidst a polycrisis

Ø  Situationer: Why BRICS’ push for multipolarity worries the West?

Ø  Foreign banks seeking 10pc commission to endorse letters of credit

Ø  Boeing, Airbus ‘likely to suspend’ spare parts supply to PIA amid liquidity crunch

Ø  Exporters send SOS amid dearth of fresh orders

Ø  IMF allows leeway on electric bills, raises gas prices by 50%

Ø  Pakistan is in a debt (death) trap

Ø  Public debt up by 22% to nearly Rs60tr in July 2023

Ø  Youth: the elixir of economic life

Ø  Army pledges support for economic stability

Ø  SIFC focuses on 5 sectors for investment

Ø  Lending costs at record high

Ø  Govt cracks down on dollar smuggling

Ø  SBP brings ‘structural reforms’ for ‘transparency’ in exchange companies’ sector

Ø  Oil falls on stronger U.S. dollar, China worries; heading for weekly gain

Ø  The eastern rivers

Ø  Rethinking power sector reforms

Ø  In pursuit of quality PHC


Ø  Climate change and air pollution must be tackled together: WMO

Ø  Record summer heat supercharged by man-made climate change, study finds