How to Deal Effectively with ISIS?


The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, has become a threat to global peace. It launched a series of attacks in France on 13 Nov, 2015 and a day ago in Lebanon on 12 Nov 2015. In France, it left 129 dead whereas the attacks in Beirut were the deadliest since the Lebanese Civil War in 1990. Now, its strength lies in occupying a geo-strategic position in Syria and Iraq. The self-styled Islamic State of Iraq and Syria captured territory in Iraq and Eastern Syria that is inhabited by six and a half million people. The militant organization declared itself a “caliphate” after seizing area of Tikrit and Mosul. The two words, Caliphate and Islamic State, are the main cause of its extraordinary recruiting appeal. By choosing this identity, ISIS declares itself and its leader to be the only true authority of Islam, the only legitimate government over Muslims everywhere, and the fulfillment of a host of end-times prophecies.