In-House Meeting with CPIFA Delegation (Press Release)


The Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad hosted a Chinese delegation for an In-House Meeting on March 22, from the Chinese Peoples Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA),  led by its Executive President, Ambassador Lu Shumin.

Other members of the delegation included: Ambassador PengKeyu, Vice President, CPIFA, Ambassador Chai Xi, former Ambassador to Bangladesh, Ma Jiali, Researcher at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), Liu Xiaoxue, Research Associate, China Academy of Social Sciences, Han Hongcai, Deputy Director, CPIFA, and Du Min, Researcher, CPIFA.

The delegation was welcomed by the Chairman ISSI, Ambassador Khalid Mahmood.

The delegation exchanged views on bilateral cooperation between Pakistan and China, security situation in South Asia in the broader perspective of the ISIS, and creating peace environment in Afghanistan and the role that China could play in that country. Mr. Shumin said that China has not been creating competition and rift in South Asia by developing sea ports in Gwadar and Gujrat, but creating a win-win situation and increasing cooperation among nations for the promotion of trade and other economic activities. Mr. Ma said China will play a role to create harmony in Afghanistan and to promote a dialogue between the Afghan Taliban and the Afghan Government.

Dr Ahmad R.M/222015