In-House Meeting with Prof. Samina Yasmeen, Director, Centre for Muslim States and Societies (CMSS), University of Western Australia (Press Release)


Dr. Sameena Yasmin, Director , Centre for Muslim States & Societies, University of Western Australia in- House briefing session at the Institute of Strategic Studies (ISSI), Islamabad, ​talked on Islamophobia in the West: Reality or Perceived?

Ambassador Khalid Mahmood, Chairman ISSI, Board of Governors, welcomed the speaker.

On the basis of her research, Dr. Yasmin said that Islamophobia was in fact a manifestation of political, economic and social inclusion. To fight this phenomenon, it was necessary to work on social inclusion and integration. She also highlighted broad trends of Islamophobia in Australia. Dr. Yasmin said that only a minority of Muslims, who were 1.5% of the world population living in the West, were exposed to Islamaphobia. She said that through dialogue and legal measures, remedial steps were being taken. She also urged the Muslim countries and those in Diaspora to present a better image of Islam. The onus was on them as well, she said.

Ambassador Masood Khan, Director General ISSI, said that Muslim countries and their representatives in the international organisations and the western capitals should work on development of laws and norms, both at the national and international levels to deal with the defamation of Islam and abuse of the right to free speech. At the same time it was important to promote dialogue through Madrid – Base Alliance of Civilizations.

Shamsa N/13072015