Founded in 1973, ISSI Library Islamabad, over the years progressed and expanded significantly. It is now one of the well organized research libraries of the research institutions and the capital as well. Its collection is a blend of books, research papers, professional journals, newspaper clippings and digital databases.  The objective of this library is to select, organize, and maintain print and electronic resources that support the curriculum and information needs of ISSI Research community. The library provides convenient access to quality information resources, and an environment that encourages study and personal growth. Library also provides information services which are customized to individual needs and which recognize their information requirements. Gathering information, organizing it in such a way that it can be retrieved effectively, making it accessible, and disseminating this information to the relevant users are the major functions of this library. By virtue of its dynamic and user friendly services, the library is playing vital role in research support activities. The effective practices of acquisition, organization and dissemination of information have been highly valuable in extension of services to the researchers. The library also has a number of reports, databases and bound volumes of 15,000 old Journals. The Library subscribes to over 30 current journals both in print as well as in electronic/online versions and 8 Newspapers. The Library’s resources are extensively used by the Institute’s scholars, members and other external users.


The library aims to support the research work by providing right information to the right people at right time including, Research faculty and staff of ISSI.


  • To serve the advancement of teaching, learning and research within the institution by providing solutions to the information needs of our clients through efficient, effective and innovative services.
  • To bring the much dreamed advancement in our society through information technology, which will change the lives of our people for ever.
  • Let’s grow together. Let’s learn, teach, share and support each other.


  • To encourage learning by creating learning community and promoting information competency
  • To provide access to recorded knowledge and information resources
  • To provide infrastructure for supporting information needs of the users
  • As a dynamic organization that evolves to meet changing needs