ISC Monitor (June 25, 2024)



1. Decode Politics: How first battle between Modi govt 3.0, INDIA bloc hits a flashpoint over NEET, NET row

2. PM Narendra Modi holds bilateral talks with Bangladesh counterpart Sheikh Hasina

3. Excluded by the BJP, shunned by the Opposition: Indian Muslims and the crisis of non-belonging

4.  ​Enemy Agents Act Against Supporters Of Terror In Jammu And Kashmir

5. Proxies and ‘media manipulation’: What the NSICOP report said about political meddling by India

6. Modi to lay out third-term plans as Indian parliament meets

7. Infiltrating Australia

8. Lodged in jail, Engineer Rashid forced to sit out oath ceremony of 18th Lok Sabha
9. Without Statehood, Jammu Kashmir Polls Like Municipal Elections: Karan Singh

10. Kashmiri employee arrested for ‘objectionable’ social media post in Bengaluru

11. India-Bangladesh MoU on military education significant: Defence Ministry

12. PM Modi, his ministers take oath as MPs, Opposition gears up for NEET fight

13. How exam scandals threaten the future of India’s young people

14. Sikh assassinations: Are the US and Canada raising the heat on India?

15. Ceremonial welcome to bilateral talks in pics: Bangladesh PM Hasina’s visit to India and meeting with PM Modi

16. Narendra Modi flashes his ‘multi-alignment’ diplomacy at G7 summit

17. Will Justin Trudeau invite PM Modi for G7 in 2025? Canadian PM replies

18. US supports ‘direct’ talks between India, Pakistan: State Dept

19.  JOINT FACT SHEET: The United States and India Continue to Chart an Ambitious Course for the Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology,%2C%20biotechnology%2C%20and%20clean%20energy.

20.  AI industry races to adapt chatbots to India’s many languages

21. Video shows Hindu mob attacking Muslim-owned shop in India

22. Thousands displaced in floods in north-eastern India, rain abates

23. Pakistan delegation in J&K to inspect power projects under Indus Water Treaty