ISC Monitor (June 4, 2024)

1. Lok Sabha Election Results 2024 LIVE updates: Akhilesh Yadav snatches back Uttar Pradesh as BJP fails to cross halfway mark

2. Modi magic: Why Indian exit polls predict record BJP win

3. India’s Modi Eyes Election Victory, Top Opponent Back Behind Bars

4. Modi’s knowledge of Hinduism

5. WhatsApp bans 70 lakh Indian users from the platform, says will ban more if users continue to violate rules

6. Why is Modi’s BJP obsessed with anti-Pakistan rhetoric this election cycle?
7. Exit polls rejected as ‘Modi media’ fantasy
8.  No, Modi is not a peacemaker

9. Why Modi claims he has won

10.  Indian markets hit record highs as exit polls forecast Modi victory
11. Indian diaspora divided as Modi’s office lobbies US fans to influence vote
12. ‘They stole our jobs and life’: Anger and desperation in India’s coal belt

13. India’s Modi plans post-election reforms to rival Chinese manufacturing
14. Lok Sabha Election 2024 LIVE Updates: 642 million Indians voted in election 2024, says poll body

15.  India awaits results of general election marred by ‘unprecented’ disinformation
16. Sonia Gandhi on exit polls predicting BJP win: ‘Just wait and watch’
17.  Heat wave kills at least 56 in India, nearly 25,000 heat stroke cases, from March-May