Issue Brief on “Pakistan’s Rising Population Crisis”



Population growth has always been a central point of concern for many. While many believe  that the high population is an asset for Pakistan, unfortunately this is a far stretch from reality. Today, in the 21st century, Pakistan and a handful of its neighbours are the core states under risk of the fallouts of overpopulation. Amongst these are climate change, food scarcity, and insufficient energy and resources.

At the time of its independence, Pakistan had a population of 31 million. However, by the year 1995 the number had risen at a staggering speed and reached 140 million. [1] Presently, Pakistan has a population size of 225,199,929 with a growth rate of 1.9%.[2] The United Nations has predicted that at this rate Pakistan will hit the 380 million marker by 2050. [3]

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