National Action Plan: The Need for a National Narrative


The Pakistan has been struggling to get rid of the violent narratives which it acquired as a product of changes both at national and international level. These narratives gave birth to several types of radical ideologies that resulted into extremism, sectarianism and terrorism.  In order to eliminate them all, Pakistan launched a series of military operations, and rehabilitation and de-radicalization programme. Despite these stern actions confusion about how to deal with terrorists prevailed until the inhumane Army Public School Attack united the nation. As a result the government announced National Action Plan, NAP.

Any action is an expressed priority, so is NAP. It seeks to lift moratorium on execution of terrorists, establish military courts, and wipe out armed militias in the country. It embodies the political will to stop re-emergence of proscribed organizations, religious persecution, sectarian violence and glorification of terrorism. It aims at countering hate-material and introducing madrassa reforms. It also aims at bringing reforms in FATA, implementing reconciliation process in Baluchistan, devising a policy for Afghan Refugees and reforming the criminal justice system. In a broader sense, the National Action Plan is a daunting undertaking which seeks to address the issues in the national religio-ideological discourse, fix vexing administrative bottlenecks and solve problems in the socio-politico milieu of Pakistan.

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