Press Release – Bilateral Dialogue on “Pak-Afghan Relations”


Press Release
Centre for Afghanistan, Middle East and Africa and Heart of Asia Society Bilateral Dialogue
Pak-Afghan Relations
November 24, 2022

The Centre for Afghanistan, Middle East and Africa (CAMEA) at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) held a bilateral dialogue with the Heart of Asia Society (HAS), Kabul on Pak Afghan Relations. The bilateral dialogue was attended by participants from Afghanistan and Pakistan. The bilateral dialogue was divided into two sessions; the first working session was on “Pak Afghan Political Ties: Exploring Avenues for Cooperation,” and the second working session was on “Pak-Afghan Economic Ties: Exploring Opportunities.” The discussion at the bilateral dialogue revolved around bilateral ties, security, border issues, areas of convergence, trade, visa challenges, transit trade and among others, regional connectivity. The keynote address was given by Senator Anwar ul Haq Kakar in the concluding session.

Speakers from the Pakistan side included: Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Ambassador Khalid Mahmood, Ms. Amina Khan, Ambassador Ayaz Wazir, Ambassador Abrar Hussain, Dr. Simbal Khan, Mr. Adnan Jalil, Mr. Hassan Khan, Mr. Salman Zaidi, Mr. Oves Anwar, Dr. Salma Malik, Dr. Shabbir Khan, Mr. Arshad Yousafzai and Brig. Mehboob Qadir.

Speakers from the Afghan side included Ambassador Jawed Ludin, Ambassador Janan Mosazai, Dr. Jafar Mahdavi, Mr. Hojat Fazly, Dr. Faiz Muhammad Zaland, Mr. Muhammad Sulaiman Bin Shah, Mr. Bilal Popalzai and Ms. Nasria Pashtun.