Press Release – Book Launch on “Diplomatic Footprints”


Press Release
Book Launch – “Diplomatic Footprints”
November 2, 2021

China-Pakistan Study Centre (CPSC) at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) organised a book launch of “Diplomatic Footprints” authored by Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, DG ISSI, on November 2, 2021. The launch event was graced by Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman (Retired), former Chief of Air Staff, as guest of honor, while distinguished speakers included; Dr. Rifaat Hussain, Professor of Public Policy at NUST, and Ambassador Salman Bashir, former foreign secretary. Meanwhile, Dr. Moeed Yousuf, National Security Advisor sent a special video message.

Dr. Talat Shabbir, Director CPSC, in his introductory remarks, said that the book provides insights into author’s life experience, struggles and diplomatic journey. At the same time, this books gives readers a glimpse into what transpires behind the scenes in power corridors about foreign policy decision making. He said, the book is timely and relevant contribution which highlights Pakistan’s narrative on foreign policy and diplomatic issues.

Author of the book, Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, in his remarks, extended vote of thank to all the participants for gracing the event. He said, he wrote the book with the aim to inspire youth who are thought leaders of tomorrow, professionals and especially to those who wish to build career in field of international relations. His major goal, Amabssador Chaudhry remarked, was to promotes narratives of Pakistan on some crutcial national issues. The author briefly explained the structure and composition of the book. He briefly highlighted major watershed events of his life and national journey which he has analysed in the book. He explained the book discusses the opportunities and challenges facing Pakistan. Commenting on the Institute, he said that his perceptions about the ISSI are captured in the last chapter of the book. He underscored the matters discussed in the book are based on facts and his life long experience.

In his remarks, Dr. Rifaat Hussain, said that “Diplomatic footprints” is as much a personal story as it is in eye witness account of the events that affected Pakistan foreign policy deeply. He remarked that the book is divided into 38 chapters in which the author has not only viewed some of these land marks events from his personal lens but also explained how Pakistan faced these challenges with collective wisdom. He said, the book offers fascinating account of the achievement of Pakistan’s foreign policy in a trouble and hostile world.

Ambassador Salman Bashir, in his remarks said that it is a great book that narrates the life and times of Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry. He called the book a literally and authentic work accomplished with great spirit to promote the narrative of Pakistan. The book is a timely contribution to the diplomatic history of Pakistan especially in the age of contradiction where it provides an authentic perspective of Pakistan’s foreign relations.
Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman NI(M) Guest of Honour, in his address, lauded his eight years’ life experience shared with Amb. Aizaz Chaudhry. He said he is struggling whether he should call it the best book or one of the best book he ever went through. He elaborated the book is written in a very simple manner to captured some very complicated and sensitive issues he dealt with during his career. The book is a great source of first-hand information on recent history of Pakistan. It talks about how critical and crucial it is to run this country. He complimented Amb. Chaudhry for his diplomatic skills and dealing with sensitive issues professionally especially at the eve of Pulwama and Uri which brought Pakistan closer to war.

Dr. Moeed yousuf, through a pre-recorded message, congratulated author for his work. He said, Amb. Aizaz, is, a man of great intellect. The book actually gives Pakistan’s narratives on several things. He hoped Ambassador Chaudhry has now set a trend for those who has vast experience and knowledge to share their experiences and advance Pakistan’s narratives through their writings.

At the end, Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, DG-ISSI, presented a copy of his book to ACM Sohail Aman NI(M), the Guest of Honour of the event.