Press Release – In-House meeting with Prof. Dr. Michael Jansen


Press Release

In-House Meeting
Prof. Dr. Michael Jansen
March 22, 2019

The Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) held an in-house meeting with Prof. Dr. Michael Jansen from the German University of Technology, Muscat, today.

Dr. Jansen talked about heritage national strategy and ways in which Pakistan can manage its culture. He said that one needs to understand the past in order to understand the future. Cultural tourism has become a major financial issue. There is a need to spread awareness in Pakistan about the value of the heritage sites. For example, people in Pakistan are not aware of an important UNESCO campaign such as “Save Mohenjo-daro Campaign” in 1984. The Pakistanis need to develop their archaeological sites and attract more visitors. In this regard, a new PR conception is needed. He stressed that it is important to reinvigorate the notion that every Pakistani needs to be proud of their nation because regional identity is a stabilizing factor. He said that he was a strong proponent of the idea of “World Heritage” because this then invokes a sense of international responsibility.

He also talked about the revolution of transport and how the world has moved from land to water transport. Politically, Pakistan with the Indus Valley is part of the dynamic transport system which has transversed through countless empires and dynasties. Settlements, he stated are creations of power represented by sacred, elite and profane components. Boats are one of the most important modes of transport. Each port requires hinterland and connections. One of the important trading grounds will be the Indian Ocean. Keeping this in mind, Gwadar should be developed in such a manner, so as to cater to its own country but the region as a whole. The responsibility of a nation has to go beyond egos, he said.