Press Release – Webinar on “IOK: Caught between Curfew and COVID-19”


Press Release
Webinar on
IOK: Caught between Curfew and COVID-19
May 6, 2020

The Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad organized a webinar today on “IOK: Caught between Curfew and COVID-19”. Unfortunately, the webinar was interrupted by Indian hackers who tried to introduce profanity and racial slur. The event was an academic debate on a subject of extreme importance. The interruption showed the dictatorial mindset of Indians that has been convoluted by the state sponsored Hindutva Nazi ideology currently being propagated by the BJP government. The interruption proved beyond doubt that the Indians are unwilling to listen to the voices of reason and rational thought. In this age of webinars and zoom meetings, they have found yet another area for making cowardly intrusions thinking that they will not be meeting the same fate as Abhinandan Varthaman. The cowardly Indian trolls would rather hide behind internet intrusions and stab us in the back rather than engage in an upfront dialogue and debate.