Public Talk by H.E. Mr Sun Weidong, Ambassador, People’s Republic of China (Press Release)


The Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) organized a Public Talk to highlight the relationship between People’s Republic of China and Pakistan, its history and future. The speaker at the talk was the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, H.E. Mr. Sun Weidong.

The ambassador spoke about two main issues: the new and growing China, and Pakistan-China relationship.

The new China, the ambassador said is building upon four principles: comprehensive prosperity, comprehensive reform, comprehensive law-based governance and comprehensive governing of the Chinese Communist Party. Highlighting the impressive 10% GDP annual growth rate of the Chinese economy over the past three decades, he emphasized that China’s project of ‘One Belt and One Road’ would connect it across the regions through Central Asia to Europe and the Indian Ocean. In this regard, the Ambassador said that Pakistan is a major component of this new Chinese Economic Strategy, linked through the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Talking about Pakistan-China relationship, Mr. Weidong said that the relationship between the two countries had grown stronger over the decades. This relationship is unique in the global context and based about mutual trust and equality. He said that the Chinese President will also be visiting Pakistan soon which will help strengthen the relationship between the two countries, and also formally inaugurate the CPEC. The Ambassador pointed out that the Economic Corridor was a broad perspective which includes energy, infrastructure, and industrial development. He termed 2015 as the year of friendly exchanges between the two countries, based upon peace and stability. He particularly emphasized that the young generations of both countries are also sustaining this relationship. He termed the young generation of both countries as “Iron brothers”. He thanked the ISSI for hosting the event and stressed increased exchanges between different think tanks of both the countries.

The Director General ISSI, Mr. Masood Khan said that Pakistan-China is all weather relationship supported by successive governments and generations. He paid tribute to Ambassador Sun Weidong for his contribution for strengthening Pakistan-China relations. Mr. Khan added that China Pakistan Economic Corridor would be a catalyst for regional connectivity and usher a new era of peace, stability and prosperity.

 Ahmad NS/032015