Report – Webinar “48th OIC CFM : An Assessment”


The Centre for Afghanistan, Middle East and Africa (CAMEA) at the Institute of Strategic Studies (ISSI) organized a webinar on “48th OIC CFM : An Assessment ”, in collaboration with the Rasanah International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah IIIS) today. The speakers included Maj. Gen Ahmed Almaimouni, Research & Studies Center Director at Rasanah IIIS; Ambassador Rizwan Sheikh, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the OIC; Ambassador Ali Awadh Asseri, Former Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan; Sardar Nadir Naim, Chairman Kabul Institute for Peace (KIP); Dr. Kazem Sajjadpour, Distinguished Fellow IPIS; Dr. Daud Abdullah, Director Middle East Monitor (MEMO); General Levent Gozkaya,  Former Turkish Commander of Kabul Regional Command; Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Director General ISSI; Ambassador Khalid Mahmood, Chairman BOG ISSI and  Ms. Amina Khan, Director CAMEA, ISSI.

During her introductory remarks Amina Khan gave a brief outline of the conclusions of the 48th OIC CFM. She stated that over the years, Pakistan has been closely engaged in supporting cooperation amongst member states and advocating for equitable solutions for various issues faced by the Muslim community. Pakistan has presently been very proactive in pursuing a crusade against Islamophobia, and as a result of Pakistan’s efforts, the UNGA has declared March 15 as the international day to combat Islamophobia. Pakistan is a firm believer in the potential of the OIC and an advocate and supporter of the need for a collective approach in the face of ongoing challenges facing the Miuslim Ummah. In this backdrop today we are gathered here to discuss the outcomes of the OIC CFM moot as well as reinforcing the commitment and cooperation between the member states. The Muslim world is confronted with so many challenges and post 48th CFM, it is important to get perspectives from different parts of the Muslim world. In this regard, we are having speakers from Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan as well, she concluded.

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