Strategic Studies

The Fall of Mubarak: the failure of survival strategies Kashif Mumtaz
Turkey and the Arab Spring Sarah Akram
Pakistan-Iran relations: back on track? Ghani Jafar
A real-time look at the seeds of turmoil in Bahrain and Syria Tooba Khurshid
Lashkar-e-Tayyiba and the Jamaat-ud-Dawa: the case for a Pakistani narrative Mohammad Waqas Sajjad , Ahmad Jawad
States rather than criminals pose a greater threat to global cyber security: a critical analysis Fahad Ullah Khan
Operation Neptune Spear: A watershed in the war against terrorism Amna Yousaf Khokhar
Rethinking Pakistan-U.S. relations Najam Rafique
The Afghan war: U.S. transit reliance on Pakistan and its search for alternatives Sabah Aslam
The Afghan endgame: lessons for U.S. strategy Syed Muhammad Ali
Pakistan, the United States, and the war in Afghanistan Mohammad Waqas Sajjad
Specifications of Nunn-Lugar programme: A case study of Pakistan Ghazala Nayyar
A Pakistani perspective on WMD terrorism: is it really a threat? Mohammad Khurshid Khan
China’s quest for energy and diplomacy Anjum Saeed
India-Pakistan relations – the peace process Mahwish Hafeez
Expansion of the United Nations Security Council Nadia Sarwar