Strategic Studies

The search for peace: Pakistan and India Mahwish Hafeez, Mohammad Waqas Sajjad , Kiran Firdous
The emerging nuclear order Amb Retd. Ashraf Jehangir Qazi
Future of FMCT: assessing the prospects and constraints Zafar Nawaz Jaspal
Global zero: a world free of nuclear weapons Malik Qasim Mustafa
The Endgame In Afghanistan: The McChrystal plan and its impact on Pakistans security Simbal Khan
External factors of instability in Pakistan – troubled alliances in war Mohammad Waqas Sajjad
Pakistan-U.S. relations: a new chapter, a new theater Mahrukh Khan
Economic cost of terrorism: a case study of Pakistan Arshad Ali
Resistance and its progression to insurgency Ambreen Javed
UN role in rebuilding Afghanistan Nadia Sarwar
Post-Saddam democratization in Iraq: an assessment of March 2010 elections Kashif Mumtaz
Turkey and the Middle East Sarah Akram
Indian muslims in British India: toward economic nationalism and economic independence (1943-1947) Naureen Talha