Strategic Studies

Regional competition for energy resources Dr. Tanvir Ahmad Khan
Evolution of international strategic configuration and Asia-Pacific security – a view from Pakistan Ghani Jafar
Afghanistan and its geopolitical environment: opportunities and challenges Simbal Khan
The realist/constructivist paradigm: U.S. foreign policy towards Pakistan and India Selina Adam Khan
FMCT and Pakistan: futuristic perspectives Malik Qasim Mustafa
Sino-Indian relations: implications for Pakistan Amna Yousaf Khokhar
Contextualizing Kashmir in 2010 Mahwish Hafeez, Mohammad Waqas Sajjad
Pakistan-China trade and investment relations Fazal-ur-Rahman
China: tackling climate change Anjum Saeed
President Obama in India – a ‘giant leap forward’? Mahwish Hafeez, Mohammad Waqas Sajjad
Pakistan’s interaction with regional States; strategic policy maximization 1972-1998 Prof. Dr. Khalid Javed Makhdoom
United Nations global counterterrorism strategy: achievements and challenges Dr. Muhammad Ijaz Latif, Rehman Afzal Khan