Strategic Studies (Vol. 37, Winter 2017, No. 4)

Sino-US Competition: Implications for South Asia and the Asia-Pacific Mohammad Tehseen
Rejuvenating Pakistan-Russia Relations: Discernable Trends and Future Almas Haider Naqvi and Yasir Masood
Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons Programme: Criticism, Propaganda and Response Malik Qasim Mustafa
Emerging Paradigm of the Indian Ocean: Arihant’s Prowl and its Regional Implications M Ihsan Qadir and
Saif ur Rehman
Indian Foreign Policy: Chaos Theory and Perception Management


Fatima Raza and M Taimur Fahad Khan
Growing India-US Strategic Cooperation: An Analysis Mahrukh Khan
CPEC and Balochistan: Prospects of Socio-political Stability Ali Haider Saleem
21st Century and Pakistan’s New Narrative for National Stability Qamar Abbas Cheema and Taimur Shamil
Changing Geopolitical Dynamics in Central Asia: Causes and Effects Sarwat Rauf
String of Pearls and China’s Emerging Strategic Culture Junaid Ashraf
Book Reviews  
Islamabad and the Politics of International Development in Pakistan. Daechsel, Markus. United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press, 2015. Sarah Akram


The Ambiguous Foreign Policy of the United States toward the Muslim World: More than a Handshake. Oualaalou, David S Lanham: Lexington Books, 2016.  Tooba Khurshid
State Capitalism: How the Return of Statism is Transforming the World. Kurlantzick, Joshua. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016.  Neelum Nigar

Putting Pakistan Right: Standpoints on the War on Terror, Energy, Transit Corridors & Economic Development. Moazzam Husain, US, 2016. Muhammad Faisal