Issue Brief on “Yellow Vest Movement Explained”


In his effort to quell the gilets jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement that has gripped France, French President Emmanuel Macron has announced plans to tighten laws on undeclared protests.

He has invited citizens across the country to give their views on four central themes: taxation, the organization of public spending savings, bureaucratic procedures and citizenship and democracy.[1]“We won’t agree on everything, which is normal in a democracy. But at least we’ll show we’re a people which is not afraid of talking, exchanging, debating,”[2] he said while furthering the democratic values.

Macron has declared to give his own conclusions by March 15, 2019, while agreeing with the protesters’ demands to change some of his flagship policies. He however has not given any indication of rolling back his pro-business reforms and is invariably referred as “president of the rich” for his new climate and environment friendly policies which are considered as new approach towards capitalism.[3]

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