Issue Brief on “Growing US-India Military Collaboration”

For over a decade now, the US has been investing in a long-term strategic partnership with India. In March 2016, the US Congress approved H.R. 4825, better known as the US-India Defence Technology and Partnership Act that seeks to institutionalise the US-India security partnership.

The legislation seeks to elevate India to the same status as America’s allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, as well as its other major treaty partners like Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. According to Senator Mark Warner “As an important partner with a flourishing economy, India has huge potential as a market for American defense manufacturers.” The bill demonstrates the importance both sides now seem to be placing on strengthening defense ties across many areas: from increased strategic and regional cooperation, to deepened military-to-military exchanges, to expanded collaboration on defense technology and innovation.

The US-India Defense Technology and Partnership Act underlines the dramatic change in today’s political environment. For India, access to advanced US weaponry and technology means that it can now pursue an aggressive military modernisation.

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