Issue Brief on “Recalibrating US Iran Relations”

Though Iran is a priority for the Trump administration, his policy position remains ambiguous; whilst his administration’s outlook on Iran, like most of his other foreign policies, has not been clear. At a personal level, Trump’s ideas remain hawkish towards Iran while proposing sanctions as well to renegotiate – dismantle and tear up at best the US-Iran nuclear deal. There exist two blocks in the US with different approaches towards Iran. One mindset that was formed under the Obama administration, which believes in workable relations with Iran, the other follows the narrative formed by President Trump. The current dilemma is that how Trump and his administration will manage to take on board the Iranian regime?

The US plans to develop a new strategy, which focuses more on the US’s interest rather than setting up a more calibrated collective approach towards the existing problems between the two nations. The sphere of the US policy towards Iran is moving from that of accommodation, which was practiced by Obama’s administration, to confrontation. Trump administration’s best strategy, at a short term level, has remained to internationally bully Iran and make ground for its isolation. The officials in the Trump administration have openly criticised Iran on all forums, national and international.

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