Report-In-House Meeting with Chinese Media Delegation

The Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad, hosted an In-House Meeting with a five-member Chinese Media Delegation on February 18, 2016.

The delegation included: Mr. Xu Zhaoqun, Senior Producer, CCTV News, Mr. Liu Zhun, Op-Ed Reporter/Editor, Global Times (English Edition), Mr. Nie Lubin, Editor, Global Times (Chinese Edition), Mr. Jie Gong, Editor, China Internet Information Centre and Mr. Tan Yifei, Director, Focus News Department.

The meeting was attended by a diverse group of bankers, producers, journalists, both from the electronic and print media and researchers from think tanks in Islamabad.

The Director General ISSI, Ambassador Masood Khan welcomed the delegation and highlighted the significance of the crucial role media can play to help strengthen the ever growing relationship between Pakistan and China. He said that the strategic and economic solidarity established between the two countries needs to be made sustainable. It has to be carried forward to the next generations and this could be possible only if the outreach is extended to common man on both sides of the border. Understanding of each other’s behaviours through cultural connectivity is vital. Media therefore has to assume its responsibility more proactively and in collaboration with each other in order to reap the fruits of the projects affiliated with China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). He said that economic and strategic projects are driven by the governments and the contractors, but the responsibility of creating positive mindsets and collective thinking is the job of media. Media in Pakistan is vibrantly independent and liberal. Similarly, China is also no more isolated and its presence is seen all over the world.

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