Report- In-House discussion with United Kingdom Media Delegation


The Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) hosted a discussion at its premises for the UK media delegation visiting Pakistan from February 26 till March 05, 2017. The meeting took place on February 27, 2017 at 1000 hours and lasted for one a half hour.

The UK media delegation consisted of Mr. Owen Bennett Jones (BBC), Mr. Peter Oborne (The Spectator) and Mr. Colin Freeman (The Telegraph). 6 members of ISSI’s research staff also participated in the discussion. All the researchers were experts in their particular fields. ISSI team was headed by Director Research Mr. Najam Rafique (expert on America, Peace and Conflict and Security and Strategy), Mr. Malik Qasim Mustafa (expert on Nuclear Issues, and Arms Control & Disarmament), Ms. Amina Khan (expert on Afghanistan and FATA), Mr. Asadullah Khan (expert on Radicalisation, Anti-Terrorism and Extremism), Mr. Faisal (expert on CPEC), Dr. Talat Farooq (Editor and expert on South Asia and Indo-Pak relations) and Mr. Taimur Khan (Media Co-ordinator and works on Russia, SCO and CIS).

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