Issue Brief on “Escalating US-China Tensions and US National Security Strategy 2022”


Under the Presidency of Joe Biden, the White House released a new “National Security Strategy” on October 12, 2022.[1] While writing the introduction, the US President singled out China as America’s biggest geopolitical competitor and describes this decade as “decisive”[2] for the US-China rivalry. With the resolve to employ all its national resources and international partnerships worldwide, the new policy document mentions how the US will outmaneuver China and maintain a competitive edge over it.[3]

The US-China tensions are already at a simmering point and, with this new security strategy, Washington has only taken it a step further. Is US-China competition inevitable? Is there any cure for this geopolitical ailment? These are some of the questions that warrant a brief analysis of America’s new national security strategy and the thinking paradigm the US operates with – at home and abroad.

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