Issue Brief on “One Year Post-Floods: A Glimpse of the Current Situation in Pakistan”


In 2022, Pakistan experienced devastating floods that engulfed significant areas of the country. Approximately one-third of the territory found itself submerged, affecting a staggering 33 million people. Responding to this crisis, the government of Pakistan declared a national state of emergency on August 26, 2022, and issued a global plea for assistance. The period of flooding, spanning from June to August 2022, earned the description from United Nations (UN) Secretary General António Guterres as a “monsoon on steroids.”[1]

This calamity resulted in the tragic loss of over 1,700 lives, with more than 12,000 individuals sustaining injuries. The aftermath witnessed the destruction of over 2.2 million homes and 4.4 million acres of crops, amounting to a staggering USD 40 billion in economic losses. The episode highlighted the severe repercussions of climate change, global warming, and evolving monsoon patterns, which contribute to the increased frequency and intensity of such catastrophic events.[2]

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