A five-member delegation from ISSI visit to China


A five-member delegation from the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad visited China at the invitation of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS). The ISSI delegation was headed by the ISSI Chairman Board of Governors, Ambassador Khalid Mahmood. A roundtable discussion was held at CIISS where researchers from both side exchanged views on issues including the situation in Afghanistan, South China Sea and the Korean Peninsula. Moreover, Ambassador Khalid Mahmood informed the Chinese side about the situation in Indian Held Jammu and Kashmir and the security situation in Pakistan, especially with respect to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The exchange of dialogue and views were held in a candid atmosphere.

After the round table meeting at CIISS, the ISSI delegation was hosted for a meeting by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ambassador Khalid Mahmood led the delegation in a meeting with Assistant to Foreign Minister of China. Both sides exchanged views on key regional and international issues. They emphasised the Pakistan-China friendship and vowed to build on this relationship, especially the economic ties with respect to CPEC.

The delegation also visited Guangzhou and Shenzen, where they witnessed the rapid urbanisation and growth in China. On their return to Beijing, Pakistan’s Ambassador to China, Mr. Masood Khalid hosted a lunch at the Pakistan Embassy in honour of the Pakistani delegation. He acknowledged ISSI’s efforts in building bridges and for leading Pakistan’s perspective to major capitols of the world.