ACDC News and Views (May 30 – June 5, 2024)

1. India making Bay of Bengal into a nuclear Launchpad

2. Iran’s near-bomb-grade uranium stock grows

3.  Starmer says he is prepared to use nuclear weapons

4. Russia asks US to spell out nuclear deployment plans

5. North Korea says 18-missile salvo was warning to South

6. South Korea suspends military pact with North over balloon barrage

7. Japan, South Korea move past radar row to improve defense ties

8. US, South Korea and Japan agree to hold joint military exercises

9. US has no plans to forward-deploy nuclear arms to Korean Peninsula: State Dept.

10. Korea to push for reusable space rocket development, L4 exploration: KASA

11. China lands on moon’s far side in historic sample-retrieval mission

12. Peru and Slovakia sign the Artemis Accords for peaceful moon exploration