Boaz Ganor, Global Alert: Rationality of Modern Islamist Terrorism and the Challenges to Liberal Democratic World (Columbis University Press, 2015), 218.


The founder and executive director of Israel’s International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Boaz Ganor, offers a contemporary study of modern Islamist terrorism in Global Alert. Prof. Ganor serves as the Founding President of the International Academic Counter-Terrorism Community (ICTAC), an international association of academic institutions, experts, and researchers in fields related to the study of terrorism and counter-terrorism.

In chapter one, the author tries to explain how the phenomenon of terrorism is redefining the concept of war. Terrorism adapts changes to accommodate the interest and motivations of its so called chiefs and followers. This changing patterns in terrorist organizations leads to set new trends in terrorism. In this chapter the author reveals that in modern warfare new patterns of hybrid terrorists organization are emerging.  The author also attempts to explain the relationship between terrorism and liberal democracy. The author is of the view that implementing the process of democratization in states where there is no education or norms of democratic values is never a successful experiment. Democracy should be the last in the evolutionary process not first.

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