Rob de Wisk, “How China and Russia Reshape the World?” Amsterdam University Press, 2015. p207.


Rob de Wisk suggests that the outcomes of the September 11 attacks have contributed to the acceleration of geo political changes and even to the creation of new local crises. He argues about the faltering West’s power, politics and position and a US foreign policy to counter rise of China.

Wisk writes that the discussion about multi polarity and the question of which powers would become dominant had already begun at the beginning of the1990’s. He has used different theoretical schools of thought to explain geopolitical development and power politics to make in-depth analysis and comparative conclusions. He, for example has pinpointed the use of the revisionist theory by Putin in his annexation of Crimea in the world of 21st century and the painful incidents unfolded in Ukraine. In the backdrop of weakening Western influence, the new world order is shaping up which is equally hegemonic in character.

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