Comment-Pax Sinica


” Chinese are not creating a dividing-line between themselves and the rest of the Asians.  They are combining for a win-win for all.”

With the rise of America in the 1960s, the military power and economic strength of the United States was labeled as “Pax Americana” – signifying the American peace order. Conversely, Chinese averse to be tagging themselves with heavy titles explaining their political, military or economic strength. “Pax Sinica” has never been used. Chinese scholars also avoided the terminology. Probably they did not want to terrify the world and they might have learned from the experience of Pax Americana.

Trump’s inward attempt created a vacuum for the Asia-Pacific powers overwhelmingly dominated by China to capture the opportunity. America is tightening up its exclusiveness, while China has been going through inclusiveness, going more global, and integrating regionally. This contrast is defining and outlining the American and Chinese approaches in the Asia-Pacific.

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