Conference Report – Strategic Stability in South Asia and East Asia


Opening Remarks
Ambassador Masood Khan

Director General, The Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad (ISSI)

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome the delegation of China Arms Control and Disarmament  Association (CACDA), led by Ambassador Sha Zukang,  to Pakistan and to the Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad (ISSI). I welcome you all to this seminar, which opens up new space for dialogue between arms control and disarmament experts in China and Pakistan. I hope that our discussions today will broaden the scope for the interaction between the two sides in the years to come.

China is a great and steadfast friend of Pakistan. Both our countries have passed through difficult times and seen many transitions. But our friendship has remained constant. Pakistan and China are bound by a strong strategic cooperative partnership.

Strong ties with China is the keystone of Pakistan’s foreign policy. We admire China’s rise and its advocacy of a peaceful and harmonious world.

China, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping has made it clear that it would not compromise on its sovereignty and territorial integrity and would protect its maritime rights and interests under all circumstances. China rightly expects that its “core interests’ are respected by all countries. Simultaneously, it is working with its neighbours to promote peaceful development by investing in infrastructure, energy and industrial development. Its momentous decisions are shaping the strategic and economic landscape of the Asia Pacific region.

China’s destiny is higher and it has already impacted the globe radically and profoundly. Its home base is the Asia-Pacific, but its outreach is global.

Here in Pakistan, we applaud China’s success and take pride in it.

China pursues and practices win-win partnerships amongst all. Its overriding doctrine is peace, not war; defence, not offence; cooperation, not confrontation. China upholds the principle of security for all. This worldview captures the essence and coinciding priorities and postures of Pakistan and China.

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