1.        Report: China Increases Russian LNG Imports, Reselling to Europe
2.        Report: U.S. agency conducted over 10,000 cyberattacks on China
3.        AIM-9X missiles cleared for Taiwan as Beijing keeps up airpower pressure
4.        Beijing Stock Exchange welcomes foreign investors as the city prompts further opening-up of capital market
5.        China vows countermeasures against US’ arms sales to Taiwan; provocative move only ‘accelerates’ reunification
6.        China to monitor economic policy enactment
7.        China Defense Firm Ships Venezuelan Oil
8.        China, India to take part in military drills hosted by Russia

Central Asia

1.       Russian defense minister announces increase in combat readiness of Russian military bases in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
2.       New Amendments to Kazakhstan’s Constitution: Transformation of the State Model
3.       Meeting of commission on delimitation of state border between Azerbaijan and Armenia held in Moscow
4.       Turkmenistan and Germany discuss development of bilateral relations
5.       EBRD-led US $74 million package supports biggest renewables project in Central Asia
6.       Tajikistan’s Treatment of Afghan Refugees Under Scrutiny

East Asia

1.       Japan’s policy on China is critically lacking a military perspective
2.       Japan, U.S. and South Korea pledge resolute response to any Pyongyang nuke test
3.       Israel, Japan sign new defense agreement
4.       S. Korea calls for ‘consultative mechanism’ with U.S. on inflation law
5.       2 China-made trains of Indonesia high-speed railway arrive in Jakarta
6.       China’s ‘think-tank diplomacy’ aims to improve its image in Indonesia
7.       G20 DIN to Help Advance Indonesian Start-ups