1. Biden Administration announces new US-China outbound investment sanctions

2. Chinese defense minister to visit Russia, Belarus in show of support

3. China expedites legislation on eco-environmental protection

4. China central bank unexpectedly cuts rates to support sputtering economy

5. India-China Military Commander Talks on LAC Standoff to Be Held on August 14

6. China vows ‘forceful measures’ over Taiwan VP’s US visit

7. The Emerging “Cold Tech War” Between the U.S and China

8. China’s Position On the War in Ukraine: special report by Warsaw Institute



1. Kazakhstan exports made USD 38 bln since Jan

2 Azerbaijan Concerned by India’s Weapons Sales to Armenia

3. Kyrgyzstan Says Border With Tajikistan Can Reopen ‘Gradually’ After Delimitation Work

4. Shah Cheragh assailant from Tajikistan, terrorists safe house identified

5. Talk of Gas Unions Riles Up Turkmenistan

6. Antaisolar inks solar tracker deal in Uzbekistan


1. Japan and the US set to strike a deal to develop an interceptor missile to counter hypersonic warheads made by China, Russia and North Korea

2. Camp David summit to put new icing on the trilateral cake

3. South Korea’s Yoon calls for strong security cooperation with US, Japan ahead of Camp David summit

4. Return of Chinese group tours to Japan to bring economic boost

5. Illicit Economic Activities Are Symptoms of Myanmar’s Instability