1. Blinken to be in Beijing for talks on June 18

2. Pakistan targets $1b of export to China through land route: Commercial counselor

3. China-Swiss chip deal poke in the eye for US

4. Saudi announces investment deals at Arab-China summit

5. Xi Jinping hails Africa’s upcoming peace mission to Russia, Ukraine

6. PNG’s trade ties with China are set to strengthen

7. Confrontation or coexistence?

8. World Bank lifts China’s growth forecast to 5.6%, compared with 1.1% for US


1. Azerbaijan, Türkiye, Kazakhstan transforming from regional centers to global ones – economist

2. Pakistan and Turkmenistan Sign TAPI Joint Implementation Plan

3. TAP soon to start construction works for ramping up gas supplies from Azerbaijan – managing director (Exclusive)

4. Central Asia: Arena of renewed stakes as China’s influence rises

5. The true toll of the Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border conflict

6. Kazakhstan Commits to Prolonged Oil Output Cuts Until 2024


1. Japan-the United Arab Emirates Foreign Ministers’ Meeting

2. Philippines hosts US, Japan coast guards in ‘unprecedented’ joint exercise

3. South Korea vows to shore up its chip sector amid China-US tension

4. China-US rivalry worries people in Singapore, South Korea, Philippines

5. Miti: Malaysia, China should deepen cooperation in green economy