I. Brookings experts comment on the future of US foreign policy under a Biden administration
II. Regional Responses to U.S.-China Competition in the Indo-Pacific
III. Americas First? Election 2020 and the Future of U.S. Regional Policy
IV. U.S. Versus Chinese Powers of Persuasion
V. Rushing for the exits in Afghanistan would leave a lasting stain on America
VI. US Israel worked together to track and kill al Qaida no 2
VII. Trump Is Said to Be Preparing to Withdraw Troops from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia
VIII. U.S. Troops Are Still Leaving, but Afghans Hope Biden Will Help
IX. US military buying location data harvested from popular Muslim apps: Report
X. Renewed Great Power Competition: Implications for Defense—Issues for Congress, Congressional Research Service
XI. ‘It’s time to come home’ — acting Pentagon chief wants to end America’s wars in the Middle East
XII. The Pandemic Is Revealing a New Form of National Power
XIII. Trump Asked About Launching a Military Strike on Iranian Nuclear Site: Report
XIV. Acting Pentagon chief announces U.S. military reduction in Iraq and Afghanistan
XV. US Navy plans to raise new fleet in Indo Pacific, says top US official
XVI. Israel’s stunning assassination of an Al Qaeda chief inside Iran suggests a major deal was cut with the US


I. ‘Trump Has Been a Kind of Awakening.’ E.U’s Top Diplomat Says Europe’s Relationship With U.S. Is Forever Changed
II. Pakistan, Russia sign revised gas pipeline deal
III. BRICS Summit 2020
IV. Russia to establish Naval base in Sudan
V. Russia’s stance of Afghanistan’s SCO Membership
VI. Amendments in Russian Constitution and matter of Impunity
VII. Russia Starts Building $850M High-Speed Arctic Internet
VIII. Russia to Upgrade ‘Outdated’ Multiple Rocket Launchers
IX. U.S. Election System Archaic, Says Russia
X. Coronavirus: Europe faces ‘six tough months’ of pandemic, WHO says
XI. France’s Macron issues ‘republican values’ ultimatum to Muslim leaders
XII. EU faces challenge from three states to Covid budget
XIII. UK announces military spending boost, AI and ‘Space Command’ initiatives
XIV. At least 1,000 people detained in Belarus in a single day following protester’s death


I. Iran admits breach of nuclear deal discovered by UN inspectorate
II. UN expert calls for immediate lifting of sanctions against Qatar
III. Libyan rivals agree to unify forces safeguarding oil facilities
IV. UN releases $100 million to guard against famine
V. Commitment ‘crucial’ to strengthen Security Council, says UN Assembly President


I. SBP Weekly Data Report
II. Pakistan saw negative economic growth in FY 20 for the first time after 1952: SBP
III. Fifth consecutive month: Pakistan’s remittance remain above $2b
IV. Pakistan records current account surplus for fourth consecutive month
V. GDP to grow by 2.5pc in FY21: SBP
VI. FDI jumps 68pc in October
VII. IMF plan to resume soon, says Hafeez
VIII. PM reaffirms commitment to wealth creation, industrialisation
IX. Turkey keen to set up industrial units in Pakistan
X. India in ‘Technical Recession’ for 1st Time in History, Says RBI in ‘Nowcast’; July-Sept GDP to Contract 8.6%
XI. Textile exports rise 6pc in October, LPG imports up
XII. Asia-Pacific nations sign world’s biggest free-trade agreement
XIII. ADB Vice-President Meets Pakistan Ministers, Reaffirms Support for Development Agenda, COVID-19 Response
XIV. ADB Issues First Pakistan Rupee-Linked Bonds
XV. Global warming bigger threat than coronavirus: Red Cross
XVI. Coronavirus relief funds could pay to stop the worst of climate change while rebooting economies
XVII. Pakistan well aware of climate change effects on crops
XVIII. Pakistan and India to witness prolonged, harsh winter this year, experts say
XIX. Air quality in Pakistan and India worsening every day, experts warn
XX. Anger as UN body approves deal that allows ship emissions to rise to 2030
XXI. Study: Urban Greenery Plays a Surprising Role in Greenhouse Gas Emissions
XXI. Climate change: Can sending fewer emails really save the planet?