Ø  US Congress woman Ilhan Omar Meets with Pakistani Leaders
Ø  US wants to work with new Pakistan government on regional, international issues 
Ø  What Pakistan’s political shakeup means for relations with US 
Ø  Pakistan Political Crisis has Been Energy Crisis Too
Ø  Imran Khan’s Dangerous Game
Ø  ‘I Don’t Want a War. But I Don’t Want to Sit Here’: 10 Americans on Ukraine  
Ø  In Focus: Pakistan’s Domestic Political Setting
Ø  Afghanistan: UN condemns deadly blasts at two schools in Kabul
Ø  Ukraine war unleashing a ‘perfect storm’ of crises, warns UN chief
Ø  Brief:
Ø  The State Duma adopted a law abolishing preferential visas for European politicians and journalists
Ø  Russian Foreign Ministry no longer considers Switzerland a neutral country
Ø  Putin earned 10.2 million rubles in 2021
Ø  Putin received an invitation to the G20 summit, said in Indonesia
Ø  Russia has expanded the list of personal sanctions against the United States
Ø  Britain demanded that India abandon friendship with Russia to its own detriment
Ø  Turkish FM: Ukraine wants security guarantees, as in the NATO charter Ø  “It’s your problems”. Britain proposes to punish Germany because of Russia
Ø  Business Insider: China and India thwarted Western plans to “strangle” Russia
Ø  Russian-Ukrainian negotiations continue
Ø  In Germany, initiated a petition to stop the supply of weapons to Kiev
Ø  Germany to allocate another 37 million euros to Ukraine, media reported
Ø  Russia to secure nuclear-free, neutral status of Ukraine – Russian Diplomat
Ø  Russia imposes sanctions on 61 Canadian citizens – Foreign Ministry
Ø  Russia handed over draft agreement to Ukraine on April 15, still no response – diplomat
Ø  Some EU members say will veto any collective ban on Russian oil – official
Ø  Global food security issues caused by sanctions, protectionism – Russian diplomat
Ø  Ukraine to require hundreds of billions of dollars of aid, Zelensky tells World Bank
Ø  Euro drops to 79 rubles at Moscow Exchange – trading data
Ø  Department of State expects Ukrainian refugees to leave US territory as soon as possible
Ø  Russia plans to retaliate to EU visa restrictions – MFA
Ø  Macron and Le Pen clash over Russia, hijabs in fractious debate
Ø  UN chief asks to meet Putin, Zelenskyy to negotiate end to war
Ø  France’s Le Pen backs ‘rapprochement’ between NATO and Russia
Ø  The British High Commissioner in Pakistan called on Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar
Ø  Pakistan strongly condemns recent Islamophobic incidents in Sweden and the Netherlands
Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report
Ø  IMF sets tough terms for bailout revival
Ø  Big industry expands 8.6pc in February
Ø  Pakistan’s petroleum, food imports surge 60pc
Ø  Law giving autonomy to SBP will definitely be reversed: Khawaja Asif
Ø  Miftah Ismail departs for Washington to renegotiate IMF programme
Ø  Current account deficit likely to hit $20 billion
Ø  Foreign loans swell to $15b in Jul-Mar
Ø  Foreign Direct Investment: Pakistan sees outflow of $30.4m in March
Ø  IMF keeps Pakistan’s GDP forecast unchanged, but warns against inflation, deficit risks
Ø  Pakistan gets six ‘pricey’ bids for LNG
Ø  Mild growth and fund programme
Ø  Skyrocketing food inflation
Ø  Non-textile exports jump by over 24pc
Ø  Industrial sector creates most jobs
Ø  Pakistan’s Political Crisis Has Been an Energy Crisis, Too
Ø  Oil edges higher on concerns over Russia, Libya supply disruption
Ø  Climate change: Key UN finding widely misinterpreted
Ø  On Earth Day, climate activists set to rally against fossil fuels
Ø  Sorghum cooperation: a new milestone in CPEC
Ø  ‘Diamer-Bhasha dam to serve as lifeline for future’
Ø  Govt to introduce new National Climate Change Policy
Ø  Pakistan’s tree-planting ambition in doubt after Imran Khan’s exit