Ø  FO rejects ‘unwarranted reference’ to Pakistan in India-US joint statement after ministerial talks
Ø  Fourth Annual U.S.-India 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue
Ø  Where Do Pakistan-US Relations Go From Here?
Ø  Derided by Khan as U.S. Puppet, New Pakistan PM Bets on Centrism
Ø  Foreign interference
Ø  Political Crisis Heightens U.S.-Pakistan Tensions
Ø  Imran Khan Rails against America
Ø  Imran Khan blames America for his downfall. He should blame himself
Ø  What Imran Khan’s Ouster Means for Pakistan’s Future
Ø  Obsession on nuclear weapons and casually thinking the unthinkable?
Ø  CRS Insight: Education for Afghan Girls Under the Taliban: Status and Issues for Congress
Ø  30,000 Ukrainians returning home every day, say relief agencies
Ø  UN allocates $100 million to fight hunger in Africa and the Middle East
Ø  Pakistan re-elected for 7th time to UN Committee on NGOs
Ø  “Build forward fairer” – UN report calls for region to adopt a new social contract which puts inclusive recovery at its heart
Ø  Report:
Ø  UN Brief: Global Impact of war in Ukraine on food, energy and finance systems
Ø  Coral reefs’ very survival is at stake, warns UNESCO in bid to boost resilience
Ø  UN: “Great finance divide” amid COVID-19 poses major setback for sustainable development
Ø  Report:
Ø  Russia to take defence measures if Sweden, Finland join NATO, senior diplomat warms
Ø  Australia imposes sanctions against 14 Russian companies and organisations
Ø  US not intending to give back frozen assets – White House
Ø  Infrastructure development for energy supplies southward, eastward to be expedited – Putin
Ø  Defence Ministry identifies US, EU nationals involved in biological programs in Ukraine
Ø  Russia blacklists 398 members of US House of Representatives – Foreign Ministry
Ø  West will have to answer for weapons supplies to Ukraine, Russian diplomat warns
Ø  Nothing can be reported about results of talks with Ukraine yet – Kremlin
Ø  Kuleba: Ukraine respects Germany and the institution of the President of Germany
Ø  Bloomberg: India may not be invited to the G7 Summit due to refusal to support sanctions against Russia
Ø  Biden says Russia committing ‘genocide’ in Ukraine
Ø  Ukraine to receive $1.5 bn in support package from World Bank
Ø  Presidents of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland head to Ukraine
Ø  France’s Le Pen backs ‘ rapprochement’ between NATO and Russia
Ø  Biden announces additional $800m in US military aid to Ukraine
Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report
Ø  Five ‘band-aids’ the new government must immediately apply to revive the bleeding economy
Ø  IMF ready to work with new govt to assist Pakistan towards economic sustainability
Ø  Pakistan’s remittances reach historic high of $2.8 billion in March
Ø  Economic challenges to persist: Fitch
Ø  State Bank succumbs to reality
Ø  Making sense of the venture market
Ø  Ukraine conflict to fuel inflationary pressures: UN
Ø  World Bank slashes Pakistan’s growth forecast to 4.3pc
Ø  SBP governor pledges ‘timely policy actions’ amid political crisis
Ø  Policy, reform & political change
Ø  Matiari-Lahore transmission line set for full load test after Eid
Ø  Crises slowing economic growth worldwide: IMF
Ø  Industrial sector creates most jobs
Ø  WTO hails Pakistan’s economic performance during pandemic
Ø  The mirage of tech growth
Ø  Oil rises on news EU may phase in a ban on Russian oil imports
Ø  WB resumes processes for Kishenganga and Ratle hydro plants
Ø  Methane pledge: a major stimulus to biogas development
Ø  Rethinking agricultural priorities in Pakistan
Ø  Agriculture: Planting cotton under extreme water stress
Ø  Food prices hit record high in March