Ø  Growing India-US Technology Collaboration: Implications for Pakistan

Ø  How we left Afghanistan was wrong. But leaving was right.

Ø  IMF loan to help address Pakistan’s economic woes, says US envoy

Ø  US Air Force Returns To Pakistan? Rumors Rife Over US Military Presence ‘Near’ Afghanistan: OPED

Ø  America Is Pushing Its Security Ideas on a Lukewarm Middle East

Ø  A (Mostly Secret) Revolution Is Afoot in NATO’s Military

Ø  India Is Becoming a Power in Southeast Asia

Ø  The Upside of U.S.-Chinese Competition

Ø  Report: Preparing for Great Power Conflict

Ø  UN needed ‘now more than ever’: European Commission President

Ø  Top UN forum meets to ‘build political momentum’ for SDGs

Ø  UN chief says regulation needed for AI to ‘benefit everyone’

Ø  Report: The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World

Ø  Hunger afflicts one in ten globally, UN report finds

Ø  AI for Good Global Summit

Ø  Temperatures off the charts, but more records imminent: WMO

Ø  Iran nuclear deal: Despite differences, still ‘best available option’, Security Council hears


Ø  Germany unveils new policy to deal with more ‘assertive’ China

Ø  Military deals in focus as France rolls out red carpet for Modi

Ø  New data suggests 50,000 Russian deaths during Ukraine war

Ø  Ukraine F-16 fighter pilot training to start soon in Romania

Ø  ‘Very dangerous’: Russia slams G7 security assurances to Ukraine

Ø  Russia warns of response as NATO returns to Cold War ‘schemes’

Ø  Russian spy chief says he spoke to CIA boss on Ukraine

Ø  Russian general in Ukraine removed for strategy criticism: Report

Ø  Turkey’s been busy at NATO: Sweden’s bid F-16s and war mediation

Ø  Wagner mercenaries offered  chance to serve in Russia, Putin says

Ø  Military deals in focus as France rolls out red carpet for Modi

Ø  Guterres sends letter to Putin on grain deal extension – UN

Ø  Russia being top oil supplier to China, India – OPEC report

Ø  Putin proposes national project to create ‘data economy’ by 2030

Ø  Inviting Ukraine to NATO would cause another world war – Hungarian PM

Ø  Stoltenberg says supplies of advanced weapons, munitions to Kiev are priority for NATO

Ø  Russia optimistic about developing cooperation with EAEU, SCO, ASEAN – top diplomat


Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report

Ø  IMF Executive Board approves $3 billion Stand-By Arrangement for Pakistan

Ø  Business community sees IMF bailout ending economic volatility

Ø  Lack of funds key barrier to SME growth

Ø  Navigating oil price volatility

Ø  A dollar alternative

Ø  Endless debt

Ø  Indus Motor signs export agreement with Egypt

Ø  Fitch upgrades Pakistan to ‘CCC’ after IMF pact

Ø  Lack of clarity hinders barter trade

Ø  Remittances contract 14pc to little over $27bn in FY23

Ø  Controversial Kishanganga, Ratle projects: Hague court rejects India’s all six objections, upholds Pak position

Ø  Oil set for third straight week of gains on tight supply

Ø  Global agriculture to rise at a slower pace: report

Ø  Agriculture: Changing grain markets dynamics

Ø  Act now: Amid heatwaves and hailstorms, a climate bomb is ticking for us

Ø  Right to health

Ø  “Pakistan highly vulnerable to climate change impacts”: Economist Intelligence Unit report


Ø  Emerging climate risks & IMF

Ø  What makes South Asia so vulnerable to climate change?