Ø  Pakistan seeks US help to revive IMF deal
Ø  Pakistan Economy: Trapped Between China and US
Ø  Pakistan to stay on terror financing watchdog’s ‘gray list’
Ø  Analysts hail Pakistan’s improving ties with the US
Ø  US, Iran in tense sea incident; Tehran preps new centrifuges
Ø  Are We Sure America Is Not at War in Ukraine?
Ø  Indian military’s ‘path of fire’ recruitment plan sparks mass unrest
Ø  More upgrades, more bombs: Report says world’s nuke arsenal growing
Ø  In Brief: Afghanistan: Background and U.S. Policy
Ø  Report: Israel: Background and U.S. Relations
Ø  Strengthening the US and NATO defense postures in Europe after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Ø  Report: Geopolitical implications of AI and digital surveillance adoption
Ø  Talking to the Taliban ‘only way forward’ in Afghanistan
Ø  Global hunger crisis pushing one child per minute, into severe malnutrition
Ø  UN agencies rush to aid Afghanistan following deadly quake
Ø  Supporting UN’s Palestine refugee agency, means ‘investing in stability for the region’
Ø  The US provides weapons to Ukraine in accordance with the situation “on the battlefield”
Ø  Johnson urged the G7 and NATO not to make concessions to Russia for the sake of a “bad world”
Ø  Hungary called on the EU to start negotiations with Russia
Ø  US vows not to send troops to Ukraine even if fighting drags on
Ø  BRICS leaders supported talks between Russia and Ukraine and reform of the UN
Ø  ‘A good day for Europe’: EU grants Ukraine candidate status
Ø  Germany moves closer to rationing gas as Russia cuts supply
Ø  Why are some nations neutral on the Russia-Ukraine war?
Ø  China’s Xi talks of Russia-Ukraine war as ‘alarm for humanity’
Ø  France’s Macron offers compromise after stinging parliament loss
Ø  Russia may cut off gas completely, Europe must act now, IEA warns
Ø  AUKUS: Australia’s new PM vows ‘reset’ with France after submarine row
Ø  German chancellor vows regular support to Ukraine including military equipment
Ø  Ukraine receives first batch of German self-propelled howitzers, defence minister says
Ø  Minister of State for Foreign Affairs concludes her visit to Germany
Ø  FATF acknowledges completion of Pakistan’s Action Plans and authorizes an on-site visit
Ø  EU’s GSP+ mission reaches Pakistan to assess implementation of conventions
Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report
Ø  Govt to plug tax loophole for rich
Ø  Foreign investment falls 5pc in 11MFY22
Ø  Mobile phone assembly units may shut down
Ø  On the cusp of FATF exit
Ø  ‘Broad agreement’ reached with IMF to end uncertainty
Ø  Winds of change gaining velocity
Ø  Pakistan’s exports to China up nearly 6%
Ø  EU’s GSP+ mission arrives to assess implementation of 27 conventions
Ø  Pakistan fails to attract bidder for three LNG slots
Ø  Double whammy of consumption-based growth
Ø  Non-textile exports soar to $11.2bn
Ø  Circular debt continues to plague energy chain
Ø  Oil trades sideways on fears of slower demand, supply uncertainty
Ø  Pakistan cautions WTO leaders over food insecurity
Ø  Climate Change Ministry gets Rs9.6bn budgetary allocations under PSDP 2022-23
Ø  Crisis slide
Ø  “Intolerable tide” of people displaced by climate change: UN expert
Ø  How climate change can significantly impact one of the world’s most important carbon-rich ecosystems