Dr Mohammed Zahid Khan joined ISSI


Dr Mohammed Z Khan joined ISSI on May 01, 2014 part of the ISS-Hanns Seidel Foundation Distinguished Fellowship program.  The joint Fellowship invites distinguished scholars in academia, armed forces, foreign and civil services to spend three months in residence at ISSI where they will conduct independent, policy-oriented research and writing.

Dr Khan is an academic specializing in the Middle East and South Asia, in particular looking at issues such as security, political Islam, IR and oppositional politics. He secured his doctorate from the UK and has taught at various academic institutes in the UK and has spent many years in the Middle East. He has published widely and presented at a number of international conferences. He has provided consultancy to many private sector organizations such as the Economist Intelligence Unit and Oxford Analytica on a host of issues relating to the Middle East and South Asia.

While at ISSI, Dr Khan will be working on a research paper looking at the impact of Islamic movements on Pakistan’s national security. As part of the Fellowship, the research paper will be published in the Institute’s flagship quarterly journal, Strategic Studies.