Report – In-house Meeting with Chinese Delegation from the Department of External Security, MOFA


A ten-member Chinese delegation visited the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISS) on December 20, 2016. The delegation was led by Ambassador Liu Guangyuan, Director General, Department of External Security Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs accompanied by Deputy Head Mission at Chinese Embassy, Zhao Lijian. Other members of the delegation included: Mr. Liu Xiaozhong, Senior Colonel, Ministry of Defense,  Mr. Yu Chengtao, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Public Security, Mr. Shen Tujiang, Director Ministry of Commerce,  Mr. Zhang Maoming, Counselor, Department of External Security of Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  Ms. Sun Mingji, Deputy director, Department of External Security Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Ye Xiaoning,, Interpreter, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Li Feng, Director, Ministry of State Security, Mr. She Lei, Deputy Director, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Ms. Hou Yi, Ministry of Commerce.

Mr. Khurshid Anwar, Director Administration ISSI, welcomed the delegation and expressed his gratitude for paying a visit to the institute. He then briefed the delegation about the history of ISSI and about the aims and functions of the Institute. He said that the institute was founded by the then Prime Minister Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the prime architect of Pak-China relations. Many eminent former foreign ministers, foreign secretary and distinguished generals and an admiral have served the institute in the capacity of chairman and director general. He informed the delegation that the aim of the institute is to carry out research on the issues of foreign policy, strategic interests, international relations and others. Strategic Studies, the flagship project of the institute, is a quarterly research journal. Other than this, ISSI also brings out a range of publications that include Islamabad Paper, monographs, policy briefs and issue briefs.  A group of researchers has been assigned to specifically conduct research on Pak-China relations. He also informed the delegation about the China Pakistan Study Project (CPSP) that has recently been established at the Institute to specifically conduct research on Pak-China relations.

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