Issue Brief on “A Divided UN on Ukraine Crisis and Impact on Pakistan”


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has now entered its 23rd week. With at least 17 million people displaced 46,000 deaths and a global food and energy crisis.[1] The conflict has raised questions about the Charter of the United Nations, and the United Nations (UN) role as an organization to maintain world peace.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is at a crossroads of ineffectiveness and constant decline. In February 2022, Russia using its status as a member of the P5 blocked the Security Council’s resolution denouncing the invasion of Russia on Ukraine and demanding a stop to it.[2] While the US along with 11 other members of the UNSC voted in favour of Ukraine, China, India, and UAE abstain from voting and thus displaying support to Russia over diplomatic ties.[3] With Russia’s P5 status, any substantial action towards Russia beyond condemning statements fell on deaf ears and met a dead end. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has repeatedly emphasized and continues to expose the weaknesses and flaws in the UN’s structure and international order.

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